Handwriting of Bhagat Singh an Indian freedom fighter

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Handwriting of Bhagat Singh an Indian freedom fighter

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Bhagat Singh (28 September 1907 – 23 March 1931) was an Indian freedom fighter, considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement. He is often referred to as Shaheed Bhagat Singh (the word shaheed meaning "martyr").

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"The aim of life is no more to control the mind, but to develop it harmoniously; not to achieve salvation here after, but to make the best use of it here below; and not to realise truth, beauty and good only in contemplation, but also in the actual experience of daily life; social progress depends not upon the ennoblement of the few but on the enrichment of democracy; universal brotherhood can be achieved only when there is an equality of opportunity - of opportunity in the social, political and individual life." — from Bhagat Singh's prison diary, p. 124

Read more about Bhagat Singh on Wikipedia.
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Re: Handwriting of Bhagat Singh an Indian freedom fighter

Postby Paresh » 07 Nov 2010 18:47

Angry, impulsive, confused, very analytical and lacking consistency.

Sometimes very sacrificing and sometimes very self centered.

Fond of reading.

Very influential and convincing in his speaking.

Sensitive about his public appearance.

Adamant and non compromising about his goals.

Cannot wait for results. Impatient.

Very self disciplined.
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